Decor Ideas On Wooden Coffee Tables With Glass

The living room is the first place that anyone sees or tends to go to when entering the home. Visitors are entertained in the living room and nice quiet moments with the family are spent there watching television or undertaking other types of activities. A nice living room creates a sense of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Any interior design specialist would tell you that there are specific items that become focal points when entering a room and often, an item out of character can ruin the entire design of a room. If you desire some ideas particularly regarding using wooden tables to decorate a room, here are some décor ideas on wooden coffee tables with glass that will embellish the entire setting of your room.

Placing the wooden coffee tables as the focal point
Any good design idea begins by choosing a theme or a specific style that will set the tone for the room or the entire house. There is a wide range of décor design ideas. Current interior design trends are mostly either minimalist, modern, or contemporary, but another design styles can also be found depending on personal taste.

A minimalist look is all about simplicity. The living room having a sofa at the centre with a coffee table placed on a rug and having a nice flower pot will immediately attract the attention of anyone entering it. The glass top and wooden base of the table provide a nice nuance in a background that looks spacious, illuminated and with friendly colours. The sofa and the table gives an inviting and welcoming feel.

The modern interior design look focuses on the combination of forms and function and places emphasis on lines. Furniture is usually with an asymmetrical balance and layout. A wooden, glass table serves this purpose well when having clean cut lines and sharp edges. It can be set against a background of decorative wall lighting and picture frame, adding a sense of warmth.

Contemporary design look is sometimes confused with modern, but contemporary actually means trendy, being in style, while modern brings attention to the specific geometry of items. Hence, this style can allude to the décor setting used for the modern interior décor without placing emphasis on clean cut lines and sharp edges.

Tips for decorating your table
Your wood and glass table can have a variety of shape and design styles. It could be double deck or single, or even weirdly shaped — there is a wide range of models available in stores like wooden coffee tables. Here are a few tips for making the table attractive:

Placing books at a corner or in the centre of the table with accent on a nice object such as a small mini sculpture.
Adding various accessories like, for instance, a silver bowl as an attractive centrepiece.
Placing a mixture of items like a bowl of fruit, a flower pot, tiny containers or trays.
Mixing a variety of colours and height of different items.
These are but a few ideas on decorating your wood and glass living room table. Inspirations are plenty, depending on the shape, style of the table, the background setting or theme of the room.

Your living room table as a décor
Often your living room table is decorated with nice items to set the theme or make it attractive, but on some occasions, the living room table itself can be a nice piece of décor. Your wooden coffee table can act as a decorating piece, particularly if it is made with unusual craftsmanship and contains the top made of glass, and many different parts, not just a single or double rectangular table. There are many shapes and sizes of living room tables. Some, for instance, can have a nicely carved wooden elephant carrying a glass surface, while others could have three, four glass surfaces in a geometrical high and low setting held by nicely sculptured wooden bottoms. These quite exotic tables make nice décor elements, that can embellish your living room, and styles and shape are widely available on the market.

Where to use a coffee table for decorating ideas
A beautiful contemporary house has many different rooms and may include a terrace. Some multi million houses have indoor swimming pools, sauna, etc. A wooden coffee table can be used as a piece of furniture in such place and make a nice décor setting. For example, in the bedroom, a nice table with glass, small and double deck would be fantastic for having coffee near the bedside or placing books. It can also carry nice flower pots that embellish the room. The terrace is another great area for such a table. The porch is often used as a resting place during the summer to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of the home. A nice glass and wood table can be an ddition that increases comfort and cosiness, creating a nice décor simultaneously. Obviously, an office, a sauna, a living room and many other rooms, depending on the design of a house, can benefit with a décor set that includes such a table.

Why decorate with a wood and glass table?
For any decorating ideas, a mixture of various elements and sometimes even nuances sets the tone to provide an amazing look and feel. A wooden coffee table, particularly with a glass top offers a quite attractive option compared with the traditional all glass or all wood tables when seeking such furniture. The former are often found in more exotic designs and provide a lot of decorating options. By themselves, they can embellish a room or be used as a décor item without needing other elements to be added. They certainly are a primary preference for many décor settings.

Advice on decorating
Using a wooden coffee table in your house provides plenty of options, but decorating a home requires a nice balance particularly when seeking to create a particular theme, feel, or design style. Too much colour can sometimes ruin the best of décor, too few items may make a setting seem dull or bare. The correct balance must be reached to make any room or house feel warm, welcoming and lively. A glass coffee table with a wooden base can be an element of inspiration depending on its shape and design, and can add character to an interior design décor.

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Wooden Coffee Tables With Gloss Inserts

There is nothing more glamorous than wooden coffee tables with gloss inserts in a living room. This nice piece of furniture that can provide many different uses but most of all lets you enjoy a cup of coffee alone or in the company of friends and family. Placed in front of a sofa or an upholstered chair, it can accommodate beverages, magazines, books, plates of food, and other decorative items such as a nice flower pot and more. The style to choose from are numerous, and the choice will depend on your personal taste and the aesthetic it adds to the entire setting of the living room. If however, you are looking for something out of the ordinary, wooden coffee tables with gloss inserts is a nice start.

What is a wooden table with gloss insert?
It is a fact that anything smooth and shiny attracts attention. A surface that is smooth and glass-like is referred to as being “glossy” while on the contrary one which is flat often has a surface that seems rough. The gloss level plays an important role, particularly in the appearance and serviceability. Choosing a wooden coffee table that is glossy beside the overall aesthetic also offers added protection against stain, and such table is often moisture-resistant. This in turn also increases the durability of your table. Experts indicate various levels of gloss for a nice finish surface and will vary from high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, low sheen, eggshell and velvet — each offers a particular type of splendour for your furniture.

Gloss range and their appearance
The gloss range will affect the overall appearance of any item. A particular colour will appear differently depending on the gloss level. A flat surface has the least gloss and often can conceal any imperfection on the surface of an item. Here are some gloss ranges and their characteristics:
High gloss range – this range is the most reflective and stain resistant. These models are very easy to clean. If there are some imperfection on the woodwork, it will often be easily visible.
Gloss – this range gives somewhat of a sleek contemporary look to the furniture. It is also quite reflective and easy to clean removing oily stains nicely without any trace.
Semi-gloss – The appearance is glossy but less than the previous range and also less reflective.
Low sheen – Less reflective than all the others, this gloss level will offer somewhat of a rough aspect to the woodwork and a decreased level of smoothness.
Eggshell – The shine is low and will not reflect light as well.
Velvet – This is the least of gloss shine before having a flat surface. The appearance is in between flat and gloss.
Choosing the gloss level of a wooden coffee table will greatly depend on the aspect that one is seeking to create in the living room in combination with other furniture.

Various types of interior design décor
A beautiful living room can be created by meticulously choosing furniture types and arranging them in certain ways. There are many different interior design options that would go perfectly with a coffee table adding character, warmth, and being inviting at the same time. All living rooms require at least the most basic furniture, and, obviously, a table to set a certain atmosphere. A minimalist design in the living room will convey warmth having a nice coffee table and low furniture, basically lively colours but simple natural forms placing emphasis on the texture and shape. A country look or a more traditional design often place emphasis on wooden structures and provide a cosy atmosphere for relaxing. The entire setting of your living room will be much more inviting and welcoming with a nice wooden table which adds to the aesthetic or which can be used for various purposes.

Gloss wooden coffee table, a variety of options
The options that you have when choosing the living room coffee table are plenty. If you are seeking a table with a gloss finish, you will not be disappointed and would only need to ask an expert at the store wooden coffee tables would be nice choice) regarding the level of gloss finish. There are a variety of shapes for wooden tables. The most common and popular are the rectangular and round shaped tables, but the fact is that design options are much more abundant with items made of wood, particularly solid wood furniture, than with any other material. Some tables are two level; others will include drawers for keeping various items, or may have some bizarre shape, only the imagination of the manufacturer is the limit. Choosing a coffee table will greatly depend on personal taste, and the overall aesthetic one seeks to create.

Decorating a gloss table
Gloss coating on a wooden coffee table would give it a nice shiny look and may not require placing any decorative items, the table itself depending on the shape and aesthetic can set the tone in a living room. It is also possible to decorate the table by placing different items that will increase the attractiveness of the table or the entire living room. Most often, flower pots, books, small sculptured items made of various material are preferred choices for placing as decorative items on the table. Everything will depend on the interior design style, the look and feel that you are trying to create

Why use table with gloss insert in your living room
The specifics of a gloss surface is that it makes the table top as smooth as glass and is quite easy to clean. Living room tables are very frequently used, therefore, choosing a wooden coffee table coated with gloss makes cleaning easier. Gloss tables are stronger, also better protecting the wood against a variety of harmful agents, and, last but not least, is the beautiful that gloss has on wood. It creates smooth and shiny surface and keeps it dust free. Wooden gloss furniture is a lot more appealing than plain wood. Wood coated with gloss will also show any imperfection on the wood surface.

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Wooden Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

What’s fantastic about tables is that they can be made in various sizes and shapes. Sometimes a small room would benefit by having a nice table. This could be, for instance, a small bedroom in the house, or a small room converted into an office. It can also be a small terrace or even a small space that gives way to a sauna. wooden coffee tables for small spaces can often complement greatly the setting making it more welcoming and nice.

How to decorate a small space with wooden coffee tables
A small space does not need to be cluttered with too many items, being small the available area must be used such as to create a sense of space. Light colours are often recommended, white walls and one or two items of furniture would suffice to give the room a nice cosy atmosphere. In most cases, a coffee table placed in a corner or the centre of the room can be used for various activities or just to set the décor. One thing to consider for a small living room, for instance, is a small-size living room table. Having reduced size furniture for the space available can make the space larger as each item fits adequately into the room.

Special living room tables for small spaces
The traditional living room table can often be too big for a small space. If the room is too small to accommodate such tables, an alternative solution is to obtain side tables, accent tables, or end tables. These are small tables that can easily be used to place a drink or other items on top and are a very good alternative for wooden coffee tables. Moreover, such tables can be easily purchased in online stores like .
A side table is a table particularly designed to be placed against a wall. Specially designed side coffee table is a fantastic solution for using all the available space of a small room.
An accent table is particularly made for accenting a room, instead of serving as a functional item, but you can as well find in the market accent coffee tables perfect for a small room.
End table – is a small table that can be placed beside a chair or the end of a sofa. Coffee end tables give you the comfort of being able to arrange a small room in the most efficient manner for the available space.

Decorating small space with tables
In a small living room, or any other small rooms, the use of alternative models instead of the traditional will help you efficiently use the available space without having the room seem cluttered, yet this does not mean that you should lack inspiration. You can always create a nice, cosy, and welcoming atmosphere with the choice of your wooden coffee table and/or how you want to decorate it. You will find that using for instance two small end tables, or accent table may be most convenient. Similar to the traditional tables, placing decorative items like flower pots, books, or other accessories carefully chosen can increase the entire feel and aspect of the room.
These alternative wooden tables can be found in many different shapes and styles. Wood, in particular, can easily be sculptured. Round tables, square, or more eccentric designs can be found.

The choice of an alternative to the traditional living room table depends entirely on you and should be made on the basis of being able to efficiently use the available space. These tables, being of smaller size, have one benefit – they can easily be carried and moved. One particular suggestion is to seek an alternative that can provide multiple possibilities like, for instance, a double-deck or a wooden table with drawers. Doing so particularly allows the use of the table not just for coffee and drinks, the bottom part can be used to place items like books or other things that might otherwise have taken too much space.

Options to consider for small spaces
Interior design options vary and depend on personal taste. Traditional, contemporary, classic, Gothic, country, minimalist, vintage, Victorian, industrial, etc., are just some of the interior design styles that can be considered to set the theme and atmosphere of your room. There are many other interior design styles that you can research. Placing a wooden coffee table in a small room, the interior design style most convenient is one which is simplistic and does not require a blend of vivid colours or large furniture. Minimalist style is particularly well adapted for setting a nice cosy atmosphere in a small room. Contemporary, traditional, classic would also be great depending on your choice of furniture.

Decorating the table or using the table as décor?
A small living room would look splendid with an accent table that is the point of focus. Wood can easily be sculptured in various shapes, and such sculptures can be used to decorate a room. When your coffee table is itself a work of art, it can nicely decorate your small room, attract attention without the need of any additional décor. On the contrary, a table can be embellished with various items placed on top, such as books, a flower pot, and any other accessory that would make it look exotic.

Tips for small space tables
When the square footage of you living room or other rooms in the house is smaller than the conventional, placing furniture becomes quite a challenge. The trick is to seek and use the available space most efficiently. Hence, seeking furniture that can provide additional solutions for storage, or other use, like, for instance, a sofa that can become a bed, a wooden coffee table that has compartments or a variety of levels for placing different items, and, obviously, seeking smaller size furniture when possible. Any small room would look a lot more spacious with less furniture and light colours. Lighting increases the sense of space, hence plain white, yellow, or green walls would be better than red, blue or brown ones.

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Quick Decor Tips Industrial Wooden Coffee Tables for an Urban Living Room

Urban living can be stressful and is often quite demanding. From work to home, navigating the usual daily traffic or commuting in overcrowded subways or other public transport — a beautiful home can feel warm and relaxing providing comfort, and the interior design plays a major role. Here are some quick décor tips on using industrial wooden coffee tables for an urban living room.

Specifics of industrial wooden décor
You can give your home another look and feel with an industrial wooden décor. Wooden coffee tables sold in stores like can add to the interior décor of the living room to provide a look and feel of urban loft living. Many such furniture has an authentic aged, warehouse feel. It can set the tone on its own or with other furniture with similar characteristics. The wood itself can sometimes have a nice nuanced brownish colour. Industrial decor is great when seeking a vintage interior design look. With a blend of nice colours, the entire living room offers a lively and warm atmosphere.

Different wooden coffee table interior design options
Urban living rooms in an industrial style often include high ceilings and open brick walls. They offer a warm and cosy ambience. The look is somewhat rustic and yet chic and can be accentuated with industrial wooden furniture. One can only image the interior design look best suited for an urban living room. There are many interior design styles each offering beauty and uniqueness in their own right, but some are best for industrial furniture. Here are some design style options for urban living room that combine with industrial furniture.

Industrial interior décor – The characteristics of industrial interior décor noted earlier can set the tone and match with industrial furniture. The urban living room, in particular, will look nice, warm, and welcoming with a coffee table made of industrial wood. Combined with the spacious surrounding of an industrial style, it creates a great urban living room industrial setting that looks inviting and feels cosy.

Rustic – The characteristics of rustic style is that it creates an eclectic look that emphasises nature. Industrial furniture in a rustic setting are the perfect complementary items to create such a feel. A nice coffee table made of industrial wood combined with other sorts of rustic or traditional furniture would blend perfectly with a rustic interior design look.

Zen – this interior design look falls right out of the box. It’s Japanese by definition and mostly relates with offering the room a feel for meditation and includes a combination of lighting, colour, plants and of course furniture to create such a serene feel. A great combination of wooden furniture works fantastic in the living room.
Other interior design ideas that can be considered include modern, traditional, contemporary, vintage, shabby chic, minimalist, Gothic, medieval styles to name a few.

Tips for decorating industrial wood living room tables
A beautiful wooden coffee table in an urban living room can create a nice atmosphere and even set the tone for the rest of the room. Here are a few tips for decorating such a table.

Flower pots – Who does not like a flower? A beautiful pot with roses or other nicely scented flowers in the middle of an industrial wooden living room table adds character to the urban living room. Flowers in a room create a sense of peace and harmony and make the room welcoming.

Accessories – These can include anything from bowls, nicely sculptured items made of different elements, wood, ivory, glass, metal, etc. These items can be placed by themselves or in combination with others in a nicely set manner to make the table look lively and not bare.
Tablecloth – For the living room table, this can be a nice colourful cloth with or without special design. The tablecloth can make the living room table look neater. On top of the cloth various other items can be placed, or it can be simply left as is, plain and simple.

Why choose an industrial wooden furniture décor?

For some, it might sound strange associating urban living room with an industrial furniture design, but these types of furniture, for the best part, are crafted with wood and made to look sleek, with a smooth surface and often a varnish paint finish that makes them shine. A wooden coffee table made of industrial wood would look fantastic in an urban living room. Unless seeking an industrial interior design look as mentioned earlier, this industrial wooden furniture can be found just as modern and the label “industrial” only refers to the type of material used for making them, with the exception when seeking furniture that presents a more antique, or vintage look.

Using your industrial wooden furniture for decorating
Wood is fantastic for making various sculptures. It can be shaped in any form, which offers it great decorating attributes. A wooden sculpture with a mosaic shape is in itself nice to be used for decorating an urban living room, particularly when it consists of a wooden coffee table. It can become the point of focus in the room offering both admiration for the craftsmanship and setting the tone and ambience of the entire room. The market place is full of such beautifully sculptured living room tables that embellish and add some character to urban living room styles.

Tips for decorating with industrial furniture
It is one thing to choose a particular interior design style for your urban living room and another to blend everything together for a perfect look. Some useful thing to know when decorating regardless of design style is the use of accent – This is a combination of contrast and creativity — for instance, the colour of the walls should often be complemented with that of the furniture, or the rug. A nice wooden coffee table would be nice with furniture of the same characteristics. The urban living room does not need to be cluttered to look nice and setting accent point either with furniture or the room structure often adds character and increases the beauty of the room.

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How To Decorate Wooden Coffee Tables

Sometimes, adding extra flair to your living room is easier said than done. With your entire attention focused on getting the right furnishings mixed beautifully together, you can neglect decoration. Some are easy to please; one vase of flowers and some photo frames, two or three throw pillows on the sofa, and the setup is complete. But if you want more from your layout, smattering some decoration items here and there is not a solution. There are many ways you can style the layout without having to make major remodeling. One of the easiest solutions is to decorate your wooden coffee tables. If it was not designed to work as a design statement, after a makeover it will definitely shine! Here are some great ideas for turning your coffee table in an attractive piece of furniture which will definitely turn some heads.
A romantic touch
Wooden coffee tables are fantastic when you are looking to change the appearance of the entire room. Wood is so versatile and although it looks gorgeous being raw and natural, it also copes very well with other design elements. For instance, going for a romantic feel can be a fabulous option. Place a tray on the tabletop and use various elements to create the feeling. You can go for a candlestick, a vase of flowers and maybe some scented candles as well and then anchor one corner with a big love story book. If you have a round coffee table, there is more you can do to add a much more impressive look: use a rectangle tray for a geometrical effect. Minimalist lovers will adore this move!
Moreover, using a tray is not only a decorative solution but also a practical one. Although it is a sturdy material, wood can get easily stained by dropping a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the table. Protect the surface by placing a tray and you will have a happy, clean coffee table, waiting for decoration.
Plus, if your coffee table feels bulky, a tray is a fantastic way to break the surface. This way, the unit gets a smoother and much more enjoyable appearance.
Display your personal collection on the wooden coffee table
Although the living room is mostly a place for entertainment and it more than often revolves around your guests, a personal mark is desirable. Your house speaks about you, so the living room must be no exception. Show off your favorite pursuit by using the wooden coffee table as a support. If you have a stack of books, a collection of glass bottles from all your trips around the world, a stack of photos with your loved ones, bring them in the spotlight. They can also work as a wonderful conversation starter, raising your guests’ curiosity.
Do not be afraid that the pile of objects will look overstrained; just make sure you keep a visual balance. Maybe you can use a wicker basket to store the odds and ends that might create clutter. Throwing some magazines on the table will only look heedless, so keep your personality on sight.
A vintage theme
Give your wooden coffee table a shabby chic design by using vintage decorative items from the flea market. A nice trinket, a pretty embellished box of sweets and a pile of old books – ah, the air of antique!
Bring an element of surprise
To add a stylish contrast, try surprising your guests’ view by placing an unexpected item on the wooden table. Bringing metal to attention is a fantastic way to do so. Choose a decorative element with iron accents or, even better, made entirely out of copper, which looks so attractive. You do not necessarily have to go for impressive, voluminous items. A simple copper bowl makes for a centerpiece everybody will admire. And it is no wonder, since copper is one of the designers’ favorites this year.
Embedded design
Your wooden coffee table can be a design statement in itself. Some built-in “pockets”, carved on the tabletop, for instance, are an addition which nobody will expect to see on a coffee table. Not only the little cubbies will add a wow effect to your table, but they can work as a display chest as well. You can find the perfect place for all your tiny decorative items which you could never bear to keep out of sight, without feeling cluttered.
A beautiful sculpture
Decorate the wooden coffee table with a simple, yet effective piece of art. An eye-catching sculpture is an extravagant choice which adds mystery and emotion to the setup. It is a showpiece in your living room!
Decorative boxes
Stack some decorative boxes on top of your table as a way to hide different odds and ends and catch the eye at the same time. You can easily buy such boxes in stores like wooden coffee tables. You can go for a same-color set or distinct patterned boxes of different sizes, to add height and visual interest. It is a great way to add some storage space to your wooden coffee table, while adding a stylish touch.
Nature all around
Bring some natural elements on your tabletop to create a rustic, fresh feeling. A simple potted flower and some decorative stones, for instance, bring life to the surface. Keep it simple, though, you will still need space on the tabletop for cups of coffee.
Throw a soft blanket on your wooden coffee table or a big pillow whenever you feel the need for more. This is a great option when you are looking for a place to rest your feet, for example. Or you can live it hanging slovenly on the tabletop for an aesthetic, personal touch. This way you add texture to the setup, enhancing the wood’s beautiful features.
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How To Make Wooden Coffee Tables Work In The Room

A number one priority when designing your home is to create a coherent and harmonious habitat that will cradle all your needs. Separate furniture pieces and décor have to complement and get along with each other to create on inseparable unity. Following the rules and requirement of the chosen interior theme should make the job easier. Sometimes things are easier said then turned into a reality. If you are struggling to make your wooden coffee table a part of your household, you are in the right place. This article will give you quick tips and guidelines on how to make wooden coffee tables work in the room.
Harmonious wooden coffee table
To make any furniture, not only the wooden coffee tables (, work, they firstly have to be coherent and harmonious within themselves. With that being said, make sure your chosen coffee table exudes completeness. Take all characteristics in consideration, from color to the overall design. High-quality hardwood that has been precisely lacquered will give your table much-needed confidence. Also, make sure the table’s construction is stable enough, so any sudden movement doesn’t knock this precious furniture piece down. The most reliable design of four table legs never disappoints. Not only wood but also screws and wooden pins should endorse the same durability, to make sure your wooden coffee table doesn’t become wobbly and squeaky. Tables with such inner tranquility will easily blend in with the rest of the interior.
Loneliness not allowed
When setting your wooden coffee table in the middle of the living room to bind your settee arrangement together, make sure it doesn’t look like a lone wooden island that seeks connection. Simply said, incorporate wood and other natural materials into your everyday life. The simplest way to make your coffee table be a part is to purchase few other wooden furniture pieces such as, cupboard, bookshelves and rocking chairs. Armchairs with a beautifully carved wooden border can also complement your coffee table in settle way. Put your inner matching senses to use and make your wooden coffee table a centerpiece.
Complement your coffee table with right colors
If you don’t want to incorporate too many hardwood objects in your room, because you fear the possibility of drifting away from your initial interior theme, you can easily make your coffee table work by incorporating colors that are found in nature into your home. Different shades of brown, sunset orange, yellow and red colors will beautifully accentuate the material of your coffee table. For instance, dark burgundy suede sofa placed next to your coffee table will instantly fill your room with the mood that can only be found in autumn woods. Even black leather sectional sofa can quickly make your table feel a part. By following the color regulations of your chosen interior theme, you will easily make your living room the most desirable place on Earth.
Floors, wall and ceilings
To make your wooden coffee table work to the fullest capacity, you have to take into consideration all surroundings. Floors, walls, and ceiling are many times neglected or even overlooked. By giving these surroundings a little bit of attention and care, you can quickly transform and uplift the atmosphere of your entire living room. Precisely polished and lacquered wooden floors will accentuate your wooden coffee table, bringing it forefront under the spotlight. To match those dark annual rings that embellish your table top, paint your ceiling in the same shade as they are. Such detailed precision most certainly guarantees success. If you decide to give this idea a go, paint the walls in white color, so your living room doesn’t contract and create an illusion of smaller dimmed environment.
Match the texture
Furniture industries usually coat the hardwood with lacquer to increase the durability and resistance of this valuable material. This precise polish gives your table smooth surface that reflects the light. To make sure your coffee table fully fits your room, incorporate few shiny and glossy objects in the close area. If your living room is already enriched with lacquered furniture set and floors, you are one step closer to achieve beautifully balanced room. If not, place a mirror with the polished frame on the wall or a glass vase that similarly reflects the light on the nearest floating shelf. It is simple and easy. Put you creative designing senses to use and make your wooden coffee table a star of the living room.
Make it shine
The easiest way to make your wooden coffee table work is to direct light in its way. Such visible indication will push this furniture forefront, into the center or attention. As we said before, lacquered wood has a natural shine to it, but with proper light, you can elevate it to another level. Free your windows from those dull curtains and let them become a generous source of sunlight. Sunlight will not only emphasize the smooth table top but make your whole room glow. By placing a crystal chandelier right above your settee arrangement, you will make sure that even at nights your table doesn’t feel secluded. If such decor seems too excessive, place the floor lamp near the table. Push your table out of its comfort zone and help it become an eye-catching statement piece.
Complementary decor
Besides the décor mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you can also emphasize your wooden coffee table with other accessories. The first item that will help your table get well-deserved attention is a faux fur rug placed right underneath it. Such textural diversity, from smoothness to furriness, will help you create the balance, where materials don’t seclude and clash one another, but help each other stand out. You can also make your wooden coffee table work by placing a wooden or glass fruit bowl full of goods on top of it. Such arrangement will remind you of tree life circle. Or if your wooden coffee tables happens to have few metal embellishments, bring those parts forefront, with a floor lamp that has a metal base, swirly metal wall décor or clock with an iron frame and hour hands. You can easily find and purchase ideal complementary décor in every online store like that offers a broad supply of various interior accessories.

Wooden Coffee Tables: Re-Experience The Luxury Of A Traditional Living Room

It is possible to imagine a living room without a coffee table; however, if you would like to give this room a homey and welcoming look, do not take this compact furniture piece off the counts. A coffee table — especially, the one made of wood — can give any living room a sweet, traditional look. Plus, it can act as an eye-catching classic accent in a contemporary environment — in other words, a wooden unit is one of a universal decoration idea for any interior type.

Our selection of wooden coffee tables can satisfy even the pickiest and the most demanding buyers. Still, before you start looking for the perfect model, consider some of the most impressive decoration tips from our editors:

Genuine oak is one of the richest decoration solutions
If you are looking for wooden coffee tables that will never go out of style, nothing will suit you better than genuine oak. This wood type has been used in interior decoration for centuries now, and with good reason, too. Oak is one of the most durable materials on the market and its rich texture can give any room an elegant and dignified look. Apart from the classic, yellowish wood, you can check out Canadian oak with a touch of light brown.

Ash and pine make the room seem light and modern
If you would like to showcase modern elements in your interior, light shades of wood, like ash and pine, are some of the best examples that can balance modernity and tradition. On the one hand, wood showcases your classic, timeless decoration elements. On the other one, though, light shades fit in perfectly into any contemporary decoration setting. Birch is another wood type that can help to achieve the same effect.

Walnut adds a touch of traditional elegance to the room
Another fantastic idea for a living room that carefully balances contemporary and classic decor elements is to go with walnut. Walnut living room furniture sets include plenty of units, where TV stands and coffee tables are just a start. This elegant, light brown wood shade is a perfect contrasting means for white, taupe, or cream living room colour palettes. And, of course, a walnut wooden coffee table is a perfect addition to a light sofa or a set of recliners.

Mahogany can showcase your retro decoration elements
If you are looking for a distinctly vintage solution, nothing will suit you better than mahogany. Dark red shade and retro designs will make a perfect addition to any vintage living room. Even though mahogany wooden coffee tables are not the most widespread in the market, some large furniture stores will offer you a lot of interesting options to consider.

French cottage style hasn’t lost its popularity for decades
Just like these wooden coffee tables at that balance modernity and classic, there are also some furniture units that can balance retro and contemporary designs. Fresh cottage style is a perfect example — white wooden furniture is in perfect tune with the latest minimalistic trends; intricate ornaments and wood carvings, on the other hand, make one thing clear: French cottage style still falls under vintage furniture category.

Glass elements bring an element of transparency into the room
Next, no matter, which wood type and coffee table design you choose, check out a couple of models with glass inserts. A clear glass coffee table surface makes any table look lighter and more compact. There is always a way to make the most of this illusion of emptiness, especially if the room is small. Tinted glass surface is another impressive idea, perfect for a modern environment — especially if you are looking for ways to create contrast in the room or add pops of colour into the interior.

Glossy finish will give any furniture piece a time-relevant look
As a rule, most high gloss coffee tables are made of MDF. However, some wooden models are also available. In fact, you will probably find a couple of tables that feature the combination of genuine wood and high gloss finish. Strange as it may sound, a piece like this can pull a mixed living room interior together. So, if you cannot decide between wood and high gloss, why bother? Go with both!

Integrated LEDs are the perfect ultra modern accents
Another idea you might want to consider is an integrated LED lighting. Wooden coffee tables look simply astonishing with LEDs, giving an ultra modern touch to any living room. And, of course, there is always a way to make LED shade work as an accent in your living room interior. Green lights, for example, will showcase a beautiful hazel in walnut coffee tables.

Hidden storage will boost your living room functionality
While the designs of wooden coffee tables are very important, you might want to give functionality a little bit more thought. Tables with hidden storage, for example, are a perfect idea for a small room. They offer a chance to keep some minor trinkets out of sight, which is perfect if you like your home clean and tidy.

Round tables look most impressive with a boldly designed base
Another thing to focus on — especially if you are shopping for round coffee tables is the base designs. The bolder it is, the better: even simplistic coffee tables will shine if the base has an unusual, eye-catching look.

Quality is always a priority when shopping for furniture
The last but not the least: price range of different coffee table models will vary from one piece to another. The best piece of advice here is to stop counting pennies and go for the quality piece that will last. You will forget about the extra cost soon enough, while a high-quality table will look good as new years after the purchase.

With the above tips in mind, you can start shopping for wooden coffee tables: will offer you any model you may have in mind.

Defining the Low Wooden Coffee Table

Coffee tables appear in assorted styles and are usually advised for the active room, for autograph or even alive and are about amid 28 to 30 inches in height. Low tables however, are absolutely that; actual low and alone a few inches alpine and can accomplish a big aberration to a active allowance that has analogous appliance and added adulatory pieces to go with the about low coffee table. Mainly because of its abnormal dwarf look, it gives an anarchistic and altered attending to any allowance that calls out for attention.

When you accept a low table in your room, you accept to acquisition analogous chairs, for the simple acumen that chairs of accustomed acme do not attending appropriate about a actual low table. You can just account humans sitting on top chairs angle bifold to leave their cup of coffee or annual alone a few inches off the arena and it abiding would attending actual funny and acutely awkward. A astute another to chairs would be adequate cushions on the attic which will not alone accomplish it abundant easier for the guests but aswell be on par with the architecture and appearance of the allowance the host has approved to achieve.

The low coffee table would be ideal for a abode abounding of kids who will be active in and out and about tables, animadversion things down and spilling drinks and creating so abundant chaos. The low table would beggarly beneath spillage and beneath torn glassware afar from getting able to use it central or outdoors and even for kid’s parties after accepting to anguish too abundant about kids falling off tables and chairs which they are apprenticed to ascend if in affair mode.

A abstraction of amplitude is created by agreement a low table which tends to bleed a activity of amore and accurateness at an affectionate gathering. Definitely not for the academic occasions or for the adult diner, the low tables are ideal for accommodation with bound amplitude and for accommodation citizenry that can able-bodied accomplish use of any added amplitude available. In the Far East of course, a lot of acceptable restaurants and bistro houses accept alone these actual low coffee tables with mats or cushions laid on the attic for guests to sit. It absolutely has a actual arbitrary attending and a feel to it with bamboo curtains, bendable lights and alluring music that can agreeableness the guests into a accomplish accept ambience in the acreage of the ascent sun.

In an American or European home, the low coffee table is still a change and will be bought alone by those who consistently try to do things different. In Asia however, the low coffee table is accustomed with contentment by the accurate oriental who artlessly loves to sit cantankerous legged on a reed mat or bright beanbag on the attic with the alluringly fabricated coffee table sitting on the center, amidst by beholden guests sipping excellent flavored tea and munching candied biscuits.

Wooden Coffee Tables

Finding the best board coffee tables for your home involves assertive belief and accomplish you should chase to agreement you aces the actual best one.

One of the aboriginal accomplish is to attending about at the appliance you accept anchored in the allowance you plan on putting the coffee table in. The board table you plan to buy should bout the added décor in that room.

You abject the style, size, color, and architecture of the table on the added accoutrement in the room.

You aswell wish to accede what you plan on application the table for. This will advice you actuate admeasurement and design.

What Appearance Should You Choose?

Is your home décor avant-garde or traditional? Is it old world? New age? Retro-modern? Or something absolutely different that doesn’t necessarily fit into one individual category?

No amount what appearance you prefer, you can acquisition board coffee tables that will bout that style.

Don’t accept a individual appearance but you are accessible to accept one?

Then you can buy your board coffee tables and acquirement your added appliance to bout it. This is a acceptable way to adorn because you alpha from the centermost (the coffee table) and plan your way about with lamps, couches, end tables, etc.

Great Tips For Choosing Board Coffee Tables

There are assertive factors to accede afore purchasing a board coffee table.

To accomplish abiding you acquirement board coffee tables that are the adapted admeasurement for your active spaces, accomplish abiding there is at atomic 15 to 20 inches from your board coffee tables to the abutting appliance (sofa, chairs, desk, etc.)

If you can’t adjudge on a admeasurement bethink this: It’s bigger to accept one that’s too big than to accept one that’s too small.

Wooden coffee tables, as able-bodied as all coffee tables, are usually 16 inches tall. Some about can be as low as 10 or 11 inches tall.

Are your board coffee tables traveling to be foot-rests for ancestors associates and visitors? If you anticipate that there is a adventitious that humans will put their anxiety on the coffee table again accepting board coffee tables is the way to go. Board coffee tables and adipose coffee tables are the a lot of airy adjoin damage. A simple brightness can about consistently abolish clay or marks larboard by shoes.

If you accept a baby space, board coffee tables with bottle acme are what you wish to attending for. The bottle acme on board coffee tables acquiesce ablaze to flash through. The accuracy creates added “room” authoritative the abate amplitude assume beneath small.

If your couch has skirted covers again you wish board coffee tables with best legs.

If your couch has legs than you wish to go with block shaped board coffee tables.

And consistently accomplish abiding that if you are putting board coffee tables into your active allowance area your couch is, that your board coffee tables are the aforementioned acme as your couch seats.

Low Wooden Coffee Table – A Few Things That Most People Would Have Overlooked

If you are aloof about for a new coffee table for your home, you could opt for any blazon from abstracts such as glass, marble, metal and even wooden. Board coffee tables accommodate a added chic feel to your home, and if you would rather accept a board table compared to any added material, you would still charge to accept the appropriate acme and admeasurement for the table. Recently added humans are opting for low board coffee tables such as the Japanese table as it is characteristic and provides a aberration in one’s home if the low table is brought in. These tables reside up to their names, as they are acutely low (only a few inches off the ground), and provides the home with a different attending to it.

Compared to accepted tables that are amid 28 to 30 inches in height, the Japanese table versions would be recommended for your home if you accept baby accouchement active about the home frequently. If you accept baby kids, accepting these low board tables at home would be advantageous as they could calmly see these tables as they move about the home, and would abstain active into these tables and affliction themselves. It would aswell be beneath anarchic even if the accouchement accidentally beating into the table, as the low centermost of force of these tables would advice whatever that ability be on the table survive the blast in a added abiding manner. This agency beneath spillage, beneath torn bottle items and a safer ambiance at home. You could aswell calmly use these tables for calm and alfresco parties, and stop annoying about your kids falling off the table or armchair and affliction themselves.

When you opt for a Japanese table, you would aswell charge to accede accepting analogous chairs, as accepted chairs would never be acceptable with these low tables. Imagine accepting humans sitting on accustomed sized chairs aggravating to angle over and accept their tea, not a appealing afterimage if you ask me! Instead of accepting chairs, the actuality that these tables are acutely low on the arena should alert you to get cushions instead for those that are sitting about the table. Not alone would the cushions be added adequate for the guests, you could aswell alternating the cushions to auspiciously change the ambiance about your coffee table whenever you wish to!

These low board tables are ablaze if you are searching to actualize an breezy atmosphere in your, admitting they do not clothing academic occasions too well. If your accommodation has bound amplitude (especially with low beam to attic height), these low board tables would plan alluringly for you. They are aswell amazingly space-effective, appropriately you are disturbing with amplitude in your dining breadth or active room, this Japanese table advantage would be accomplished for you. Add bamboo curtains, some bendable lights and abatement music, and you can actualize your actual own altar aural your own home! Add a mat beneath the table as well, and you would apprehend that sitting on the attic for a cup of coffee could be both adequate and exciting!